“When your target audience searches for you on the web, do you show up?”

Many people try to go it alone with a PPC strategy. In most cases, a novice approach just isn’t going to cut it when you are swimming with the sharks on Google Adwords, you’ll lose your shirt quickly.  An official fully optimized setup takes focused time and energy. To make it to the PPC Championships you’ll need an experienced hand each month fine tuning for top notch results.  The Search Engine Pros help you increase clicks to your site and decrease the costs of those clicks by optimizing your ad positions (more traffic for less cost). We spend time researching competitors strengths and capitalizing on the best keywords in their campaigns.  We’ll get your PPC campaign on track, and help you get the right message in front of the right people. The result? Lower costs per click, more targeted traffic which boosts your sales and profits.

Ready To Lower PPC Costs, Increase Conversions & Boost Sales?

Ready To Lower Your PPC Costs & Increase Conversions?


http://www.thesearchenginepros.com/thesearchenginepros/images/list_button.png 1 phone call per month

http://www.thesearchenginepros.com/thesearchenginepros/images/list_button.png 10 hours maximum

http://www.thesearchenginepros.com/thesearchenginepros/images/list_button.png Monthly submission reports

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Suggested Usage Of 10 Hour Block: Each month, your expert pay per click manager will assist you with launching pay per click ad groups, doing keyword research to discover the best keywords to target, finding the low cost high traffic keywords with high commercial intent, creating new ad copy, split testing ads, adjusting keyword bids to ensure maximum ROI, adding negative keywords and optimizing for conversions.  Competitor tracking is also offered by your PPC Manager, providing you with a consistent assessment and rating of the competition’s PPC marketing strategy.


For instance, here is a highly recommended success path:

Month 1:
-Needs Analysis
-Discovering improvement areas
-Competitor Research

Month 2:
-Setting Up Split Test Ads / Matching Landing Pages
-Studying Bounce Rates
-Discussing PPC Strategy

Month 3:
-Designing New Landing Pages
-Setting up Landing Pages
Discussing PPC Strategy

Month 4:
-Adding Negative Keywords
-Implementing competitors ideas
Discussing PPC Strategy

Month 5:
-Continuous A – B Split Testing Of Ads
-Brainstorming new ideas based on data collected
Discussing PPC Strategy

Month 6:
-Implementing give to get strategy
-Setup opt in forms
-Discussing PPC Strategy

Questions regarding your landing page strategy:

A dynamic landing page will greatly increase your click through rates.  To win the Google Adwords war, you must increase your CTR (Click through rates).  The big mistake every makes with PPC is they send everyone to the homepage, rather then to a specific landing page.  That’s the main reason why most people fail at PPC is because they don’t understand why Google is charging them so much money per click (it’s because secretly Google would rather not have them on the network).  Google wants to send it’s visitors to highly targeted landing pages (creating a good experience for Google users).  Imagine if all of the ads took you to a page which was not relevant to what you clicked on?  You would be pretty upset right?

Creating targeted landing pages is one of the big keys to success with Google Adwords.  We have the ability to create 2 types of landing pages.  One is called “dynamic” and one is called “static”.  The dynamic landing page is more involved and requires programming code into the landing page that will dynamically pass the keyword which was searched into the landing page (thus increasing the relevancy for the visitor and also quality score when the Googlebot crawls the page).

If you choose to just go with a “static” landing page, that is okay as well.  The static landing page is still much better than no landing page at all.  From a “visitor segmentation” perspective, it will do wonders for your conversions and it will greatly enhance your click through rates.  Remember, the goal with Google Ads is to “get the click”, hence, simple, attractive landing pages which compel the visitor to click through to the homepage is the goal here.

View Our Past Work Below:

Dynamic Landing Page Example ($1500 setup fee):



Static Landing Page Example: ($500 setup fee):






Questions regarding your target market we’ll have for you:

  • What are the 4 different types of visitors that come to your site? (e.g. seeking information, seeking a consultant)
  • What are the 4 “segments” that you would ideally like to cater to? (e.g. Large Hospitals, Mid Size Businesses etc)
  • What are their motives? (e.g. what are their specific desires or pains ?)

It is important to create a targeted landing page for each segment of the above.   Each segment will have its own behavior, buying criteria, needs and requirements. Understanding the motives within each segment or category enables you to create a more personal experience for a prospect or customer. Targeting each segment with relevant messaging will increase CTR (click through rate) to your website.Compare PPC vs SEO

Have you considered a white paper strategy? This works particularly well for the B2B industry and for larger ticket, emotionally charged transactions.   The idea with a white paper strategy is to create a whitepaper and advertise it on Google Adwords to collect emails and send people valuable information every month.   What’s a whitepaper? –it’s like a “suit and tie” version of a free report.  It’s literature  – marketing material – that sits on a decision makers desk.  We would like you to consider creating an email opt in for your email newsletter.  This is a unique web marketing strategy for B2B businesses to build an email list (and thus your bottom line).   You will need to create 3 things:  1. an email opt in form on your web site   2.  a 3 page whitepaper with useful information  3.  Google Adwords Ad saying:  Download Free 3 Page Guide. Complex Terms. Simple Definitions.  etc,  The email opt in can occur on your web site.  The Google Ad draws the visitor to your email opt in page.  The email opt in should offer a download of a whitepaper.  Inside the white paper – smart marketers will consider addressing specific “points of resistance” in the sales process, thereby accomplishing two goals at once;  1.) lowering your prospects sales resistance 2.) a customer you can market to for life by email.   The idea is first to get your prospect to opt into the newsletter (so you can provide them ongoing information about your company.)
What are the action steps for my PPC whitepaper strategy?

Action Steps look like this:
1.  What should the whitepaper download be called?
2.  How should the Google Ad read?
3.  What email newsletter software will you use?
On a very simplistic level, you could do:
Enter Your Email To Download Our Free Whitepaper
“10 Reasons Why You Should Choose …”
Have you considered an “Ask Campaign”? This where you develop a few ideas, and send it around the office to poll everyone’s favorite advertising lines. (see readers digest and Cosmo magazine for great ideas for headlines for ideas)

How does my Google Adwords PPC Manager help my company? Your new Google Adwords PPC Manager will help your company achieve its internet traffic and revenue goals this year. Is your Google Pay Per Click Adwords campaign lifeless? Perhaps it is not providing you with the return on investment that it should?  You may simply need a professional set-up or audit of your existing campaign. Google Adwords help is just a click away at The Search Engine Pros.  Your PPC Manager will assist you with ppc campaign management, Google Adwords account set up, tune-ups, campaign audits and monthly management.  Your PPC Manager will help you improve your ROI. Our PPC campaign management services can help you turn your PPC efforts into effective revenue drivers.

Anatomy Of Successful PPC Ads

Should I hire a PPC Manager? Assuming you have something worthwhile to sell, our 5 part strategy will get you on the right track to a winning and profitable campaign.  Your PPC Manager will set up the metrics so you can see which keywords lead to sales and how much you spend per sale. If some keywords get clicks (cost you money) but never produce sales, we will eliminate those as we go along. Our pay per click services will help you focus your paid advertising efforts on the most effective, most profitable elements.  It all starts with your Google Adwords Account Set-up (or optimization if you have a pre-existing adwords account).  If you are just starting out with Adwords, we will create your account for you, using the basic strategies that have proven effective time after time.

Comparing PPC to SEO

What are the five key elements of an optimized pay per click campaign?

1) Highly targeted, relevant keywords.

2) Small, tightly grouped, ad groups based around the same terminology.

3) Text ads that match the keywords (and terminology) exactly.

4) Landing pages that match the keywords and the text ads exactly.

5) Tracking mechanisms that allow you to ensure that the keywords are paying for themselves.

Keyword Research Is Vital To Your Web Marketing StrategyHow does my PPC manager breathe life into my lifeless PPC campaign? Your PPC Manager has many years of experience with Google Adwords and will help you transform your internet advertising campaigns into profitable, traffic-generating endeavors.  Stop the bleeding.  Start generating the RIGHT traffic at your web site with your very own PPC Manager.  The industry knowledge and experience we possess, enables us to quickly identify problem areas you may have overlooked. Often times all it takes is a few tweaks to bring down the costs of your campaigns and bring up the level of clicks, conversions and sales.  The Search Engine Pros will take an objective look at your internet marketing campaigns and provide you with an eye-opening and detailed report of what you need to do to improve its performance and conversions. The purpose of our PPC campaign management services is to help you achieve your internet advertising goals.

Do I have to pay extra for creating high converting landing pages? Yes.  Otherwise we’ll send your clicks and traffic to your existing web pages (generally not recommended, as the key to low adwords click costs is increasing your click through rates, which generally only comes by way of optimized landing pages).  We would highly recommend you have your PPC Manager create optimized landing pages (1 for every product – $100 each) for every major product or service category.

I’ve heard Dynamic Landing Pages are the key to success, does my PPC Manager help with those? We use a ninja, not so secret weapon, the super powerful PPC tool called Speed PPC. This amazing tool quickly sets up specific ad groups targeting the “long tail keywords” in your market that would just take too long to create without it. You can buy it and do this yourself but it is NOT a trivial learning curve. Why not let us do it for you so you don’t have to worry about it?

Does my PPC Manager improve my ROI? Proper PPC Campaign set-up and management increases your ROI. Creating and managing your pay per click campaign is time-consuming and does require constant monitoring. If not properly done, you could end up losing a lot of money. The right knowledge and/or expertise, set-up and management of PPC campaigns will greatly improve your ROI.   We’ve been successful Internet Marketers for over a decade, we know how to set-up and manage Google AdWords accounts to compete against much larger advertisers without overpaying for keywords or blowing your advertising budget.  We will “get inside the head of your prospect/client” and direct him/her to click on your ad and follow through to your website. From beginners to intermediates, we help build your online business in a cost efficient manner. Moving up the “organic ladder” is important, however, as you may have experienced, rather slow. One of the quickest, most cost-effective methods of driving targeted traffic to your site is through Google AdWords.   Done correctly, you will achieve your goals quickly.

What is generally included in your PPC Adwords management service?

Full-Service PPC set-up and management includes:

* Google AdWords campaign development through careful analysis and consideration of your goals

* Audit of current Google AdWords account and/or Web Site

* Implement conversion tracking and analytics to improve your ROI

* Keyword research and development

* Keyword bid management

* Targeted & Relevant ads

* Writing and testing multiple ad copy

* Constant review of your account to optimize performance

* Detailed weekly campaign performance reporting

* Monthly management & optimization

* Geo-Targeting Specialist


Online Marketing StatisticsDo you use a cookie cutter method for PPC Management? We approach each account using our deep intuition to create a one-of-a-kind master piece and NOT a COOKIE CUTTER method.  We are never satisfied unless we see cycles of continuous improvement.  After having creatively applied the best strategies for your account, and tested it, we evaluate the results and eliminate what is not working and move your account forward with those that improve your ROI.   By repeating this cycle of controlled continuous improvement, your campaigns will give you the successful results you demand and require.

Do you use automated bidding tools? We take great pride in our work and do not take any short-cuts. We do not use any bidding tools, etc.   All our work is 100% manually done.  Each account is treated as we do our very own Google AdWords account. We are very confident that our proven marketing strategies will improve any current AdWords campaign with higher click thru rates and/or lower costs per click within the first 30 days.


Do your fee’s increase as we increase the click spend to Google? Fees range from $500/month to $2,000/month depending on your click spend level to Google. We charge $75 an hour to manage your PPC campaign for all consultations over the allotted amount in your plan. For most clients the $500 monthly plan will be sufficient, provided you are spending less than $500 per month in click costs to Google. If you are spending $500 per month in click costs, this increases the amount of hours we must spend to stay on top of your bids, your strategy.

What happens if I discontinue? You will still gain control over your account.  Unlike other firms that restrict access to the Google Adwords account they create and optimize for you, we give you full account access.  THIS IS A BIG POINT.  ALWAYS ASK A PPC FIRM UP FRONT IF YOU WILL GET ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT. Otherwise you end up spending $1000’s to optimize the account and you’re stuck with that one firm. However, remember if you are not constantly staying on top of your bid prices, tweaking your ad copy and scouting the competition,  your click costs will skyrocket and the impressions plummet, and ultimately your account will go inactive. This means Google will not take your money. In other words, half the battle is trying to get your ads to show by having smart ad copy linked to smart keywords.

Do I really need to pay the setup fee for the landing page? We strongly advise you to create a good landing page, be it dynamic or static. A static landing page usually takes 3-4 hours to setup.   For this reason, most clients will want to pay the setup fee, which includes setting up your landing page, installation of Google Analytics tracking code, and other fun stuff that is really quite critical to your campaign. If you’re not tracking, you’re guessing. Guessing is never good with marketing dollars. We send you full reports each month detailing your spend amount, and your earnings, ROI.

Do I have to pay in advance? For all accounts, the setup and the monthly fee are due in advance.  For example, the first month optimization fee is $500 to setup or optimize your existing campaign (separate from landing page setup).  First month account management fee is $500 / month (due on Day 1 in addition to the $500 setup fee for your landing page for a grand total of $1000 to get started. ) For ongoing help, expect a monthly maintenance fee of $500. Our consultation fee will generally match your spend level to Google Adwords click costs as you grow the campaign.  You will be responsible to pay your click costs to Google (separate from our management fee).

What is not included, or charged as an extra fee? Above fees do not include sophisticated ecommerce conversion tracking.  Some shopping cart sites take 6 months to figure out tracking issues due to complex cms issues and split analytics accounts.  We offer specific direction on that for your webmaster to implement.   Or we can do it for you as needed on an hourly basis.

Don’t be left behind in the race to the top of Google! Give us a call today to get started at 800.605.4988 or click here to fill out our quote request form, and get a free 30 page web site analysis.

Boost Your Sales & Profits By Optimizing Your Google Adwords AccountMantra: “Google Adwords is the number 1 marketing medium for 2011 and beyond.  All the customers are on page 1 of Google.  PPC is the most scientific advertising you can do today–measuring ROI is very easy with PPC.”
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