Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

Dear Friends,

Recently I spoke at an event where numerous people asked me to meet with them, have lunch, etc. I responded:

“I have a ‘Lunch and Learn’ series where I will present a 60-90 minute presentation to your company. ”

The level of personal service we offer is not easy to find today at cost effective prices. Few companies have a strong grasp on e-marketing and how to execute.

I hope to see you again soon at the workshop and I wish you the best in your endeavors online.

Kind Regards,
Taylor Reaume

Be Different

…it teaches businesses how to reinvent themselves. Many businesses have seen their areas of expertise either dry up, or just become far less profitable. The Search Engine Pros help your company identify keen insights from an outside perspective and point out potential improvement areas with your web site and e-marketing strategy. 

Marketing is the battle of perceptions, not products/services, and successful companies find ways to be better, but more importantly, different.  We help you differentiate your product or service in the marketplace.

If you’ve tried everything – from ads to social media to directory listings to website SEO and you are still not getting anywhere, you will find our holistic approach to internet marketing strategy a breath of fresh air.

The most cost effective way to get the phones ringing off the hook is through internet marketing and Google. You will learn how to start generating income from your web site and stop the losses.

Surprisingly, the failure of most web projects is due to poor communication skills.  The Search Engine Pros are practitioners of CNVC and compassionate communication.  Advanced communication skills are required for advanced web strategy.

If you are struggling to make a name for yourself or your company, consider speaking with founder Taylor Reaume and designing an e-marketing plan for 2012.

Social Media Marketing Professionals


 What are the common problems facing businesses today?

Trust? Quality Content? Follow up? Time Management?

Common problems facing businesses today:

  • No follow up system / marketing automation
  • Low trust levels, lack of credibility: Marketing is the battle of perceptions, not products.
  • Lack of consistency with e-publishing: approvals / roadblocks.
  • Low quality content: lacking universal appeal & SEO keywords
  • Poor time management: doing low impact tasks unknowingly
  • Honest marketing partner: “if you think working with a professional is expensive, try working with an amateur…”

In our view, there is no quick fix to these problems.  Approaching these issues individually is futile. 

We offer all in one marketing plans designed to solve these problems with smart pre-planning of both technology and content.

The result is higher credibility levels online, more offline word of mouth referrals and of course –business growth.  The Search Engine Pros keep you on top of mind by publishing high quality strategic content, building back links with social media, sending out press announcements, email announcements, and more.

The Solution is pre-planning and staying consistent.

Add massive value to strategic partners...

The solution is to consistently publish high quality content, add value to the right people and follow the art of reciprocity principles in business.

Consistency is key to generating the “word of mouth halo effect” whereby people naturally start linking to you (referring you online) due to a seemingly “ubiquitous” perception of your brand in the market.

The power blogs, e-newsletters, press releases, social media postings improve your brand positioning and nurtures major strategic wins (referral partners that recommend you each month – both online and offline.) Your network is your net worth and when you get the big personalities recommending your brand, you win.

The marketing plans we offer use online marketing to generate offline word of mouth. Our approach blends online marketing strategy with traditional offline marketing principles to build your brand. Very few marketing firms excel at both online and offline techniques.

If you’re looking for a marketing partner that’s proactive, not reactive, that knows how to keep things simple and keep your campaign on track, look no further than The Search Engine Pros. Working with a marketing agency should be fun, not annoying and tiresome. We’re your anti-costly, anti-complex marketing partner.

Will you be one of the first movers to dominate your niche?

81% of consumers now make purchasing decisions online.

Social Media Marketing ProfessionalsYour customers rely on Google and the Web to find the products and services you offer. The days of flipping through the Yellow Pages and scrolling through Newspaper ads are over. Is your business online yet? Think about how you found your last Dentist? Attorney? Landscaper? Gift?

Google alone generates over 6 billion searches every month – that’s exposure your business needs. Imagine the number of potential customers waiting to find your products and services. Placing your business on the front page allows you to tap into the millions of potential customers looking for your products or services online!

At The Search Engine Pros, you can expect innovation, not complication. You’ll get comprehensive tracking on clicks, leads, keywords, ad copy and more so you can assign an accurate dollar value to your campaign. Say goodbye to your old fragmented system. Say hello to ‘it just works!’.


Lunch and Learn With Taylor


Why should I have Taylor talk to my staff?

“Taylor motivates and inspires your employees to become brand ambassadors for your company through employee evangelism.”


Taylor Reaume, founder of The Search Engine Pros, offers your company a fun, educational 45 to 60 minute “Lunch & Learn” workshop. Your staff will enjoy a rare learning opportunity and pick up practical ideas to create a more productive and efficient workplace environment. Creating employee evangelists should be a top priority of any leading edge company.

Smart CEOs know that a company’s greatest asset is its employees. Branding strategists agree that to compete in the cutthroat world of social media marketing, brand ambassadors are crucial to extending the visibility of a company. Brand ambassadors are becoming an increasingly common way to create buzz and get your message out.

Do you need help with your e-marketing strategy? The Search Engine Pros offer you a full marketing department for the cost of a single employee. For the time being, you are working directly with the founder in your consultations.

During the lunch, Taylor teaches your staff how to use the modern day social media tools for just 5 minutes per day, to help promote brand awareness on the web. Small changes to your day to day social media marketing, can have a huge impact on your Google rankings.

Taylor will speak about his team, and the plans and services offered by The Search Engine Pros, to determine if they may be a fit for your company at this time.

Taylor will come prepared with high impact advice about your existing web site code and how you can make small changes that will have a big impact on your Google ranks.

Are you looking for?

  • Lunch and Learn speaker who understands the common e-marketing problems?
  • Lunch and learn speaker who demonstrates how to create a more productive and efficient business?
  • Lunch and learn speaker who doesn’t put you to sleep?
  • Lunch and learn speaker who has a proven background on the topic?

Consider having a fun, informative lunch and learn session with Taylor Reaume to teach your staff how to work smarter not harder with the new e-business tools on the market. Create a more productive, efficient working environment and learn about how The Search Engine Pros can also help your company grow in 2012.

Taylor Reaume will speak to your company or group on topics ranging from Google, Facebook and Linkedin, New Marketing Methods: How Push Became Pull, What Every CEO Needs to Know about Google Marketing and How to Optimize Your Website.

Please contact Taylor by EMAIL or via cell at 805-453-9674 and he will put together a presentation to meet your needs.

If you are not interested in the Lunch and Learn workshop, we still offer a pre-scheduled 30 minute webinar to address your questions.


Need a professional speaker for your event? …read on!


Taylor Reaume’s speaking fees range from $2,500-$5,000 depending on your venue size and location.  Taylor offers interactive discussions and workshops for authors, businesses and corporations combine expertise in e-business marketing with practical tips and humor.

The following presentations are available for upcoming events. We will be happy to customize a presentation to emphasize areas of particular interest to your group.

Google, Facebook and Linkedin (60 to 90 minutes)

An overview of many of the considerations involved in creating a winning marketing strategy on Google, Facebook and Linkedin. The discussion ranges from the importance of using these new social media marketing mediums to stay competitive in business, and the role of pay per click advertising in your overall long term organic marketing campaigns.

New Marketing Methods: How Push Became Pull (60 to 90 minutes)

A more detailed look at the recent shift from push marketing to pull marketing in the past five years. Taylor will discuss the new challenges posed by the internet business landscape and how to cost effectively develop a winning strategy by blending your knowledge of traditional push marketing (pay to play) and new pull marketing strategy.

What Every CEO Needs to Know about Google Marketing ( 60 to 90 minutes)

From understanding the difference between ON SITE SEO and OFF SITE SEO, and the importance of online relationships (back links), to an overview of the social/internet marketing challenges facing businesses today. Taylor shares the number one most important tip in developing a successful Google marketing strategy.

The Psychology of Google Adwords (60 to 90 minutes)

Tools and techniques to help remove the roadblocks to a thriving Google Adwords campaign. Includes an overview of the Google Adwords Program and how to use it cost effectively. Topics include the importance of click through rates, landing pages and finding 5 cent key phrases.

Do your employees…use Facebook and Twitter to promote your company?

Do your attendees…need a fun and interactive speaker that engages and informs about one of the hottest topics today –Google?

If so, your group may benefit from a little nudge in the right direction: To your e-business success! Taylor dishes up FUN and informative sessions to help people break the bad habits that are contributing to the companies stagnating growth.

In each session, Taylor does more than just provide helpful information. He is determined to get through to each and every attendee, giving them real tools that will maximize their performance with social media and Google marketing. With the right tools and knowledge, employees will boost company productivity and the new efficiency will create more opportunities for the business.

Taylor’s goal:

“I customize each event so that your attendees are inspired to help spread awareness for the company and feel part of a large purpose with marketing the company.” Although each talk is customized, there are a few topics that are commonly requested by HR directors and meeting planners.

Program Formats:

  • Keynote Address
  • Conference Break-Out session
  • Small Group Workshops
  • Half Day Seminars
  • Executive Retreats

Here are Some of Taylor’s Most Popular Topics:

Boost Productivity With Google Apps — Discover the power of Google Apps and how it can revolutionize your efficiency in the office. Keep your team in sync with real time docs and calendar. Boost your productivity levels and collaborate with your team faster and more effectively, by using Google Video, Google Sites, Google Chrome, Google Voice and more.

Employee Evangelism & Social Media — Learn how your staff can spend 5-10 minutes a day promoting the company, and dramatically change the course of your Google Rankings and social media presence. Leverage the power of your employees as brand ambassadors.

Discover Secrets To Ranking Web Articles — More content = more traffic. Acquire easy-to-implement plan for getting your bog posts to rank on the first page of Google.

Top Social Media Tools This Year — Working smarter, not harder. Learn the best SEO and Social Media tools to use in order to save time with promotional activities and Google marketing. The time value of money concept is increasingly important today.

Taylor customizes his talks to address the specific challenges of your company, and will speak to your company or group on topics ranging from Google, Facebook and Linkedin, New Marketing Methods: How Push Became Pull, What Every CEO Needs to Know about Google Marketing and How to Optimize Your Website.

Please contact Taylor by EMAIL or via cell at 805-453-9674 and he will put together a presentation to meet your needs.

I’m honored that you have chosen me to speak at your event. I am passionate about social media, SEO and search engine marketing and it’s my goal to create a fun and inspiring experience for your group.

It’s my goal that every attendee feel inspired to take action and start using Google and social media as a marketing medium to get the message out.

I will customize the talk to meet the specific needs of your group. I know that I can’t please everyone, but I will work hard to create an atmosphere that encourages fun and laughter while at the same time offering “tech food for thought” in your group. By simplifying e-marketing concepts and showing you the tools to use, you’ll find that there easier ways to execute on e-marketing. “So easy, even an adult could do it!”

My goal is to clarify questions about e-marketing and offer you actionable, simple, effective daily tasks that will help your company generate more Google rankings, and increase your social media presence. Feel free to read through my life story.

Here is the information you need once you’ve booked Taylor:

Step one:

Once you have booked Taylor and confirmed the date is available, you will receive a Speaker Contract. Please sign and return this agreement along with a 50% deposit to confirm your hold and reserve the event date on Taylor’s calendar.

Step two:

Taylor will contact you to discuss the needs of your group. Customization is a key component to the success of your event. Please fill out theform below and send it to Taylor before your phone call.

Step three:

Two weeks before the event, Taylor will contact you to go over final arrangements for the talk. This will include, travel confirmation, room layout and handouts.

Please contact Taylor by EMAIL or via cell at 805-453-9674 and he will put together a presentation to meet your needs.

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